President's Message

I’m pleased to offer in this section a few information on Jeraisy Group Company, knowing that any action from one person cannot undo the past. We all work toward the future, and towards that end, we tried through introducing this message about Jeraisy Group Company to cope with its vision for the future. The continuity of exchanging information and new ideas has always been a highly-regarded purpose for Jeraisy Group Company, which is realized through serving our clients in a unique way that suits the pioneering levels which make them our partners in success. This happens through introducing them to all new products of technology and work environment and providing them with all the necessary information that gets them acquainted with all the services we offer. The Company is 100% Saudi, with ten companies and factories that have been operating in industry, commerce and service fields for more than fifty years ever since it was founded in 1378 AH/1958 AD by my father Abdul Rahman bin Ali al-Jeraisy, the CEO (may God keep him), who kept developing it further until it became now what is known as Jeraisy Group Company.