More than fifty-five years ago, the businessman Abdul Rahman bin Ali al-Jeraisy founded the Riyadh House Establishment as a seed for what is now known as Jeraisy Group Company. From the very beginning, the main focus was on offering high-quality services and products that mean to satisfy clients and, at the same time, participating in the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the huge advancements the Kingdom had witnessed later on, the aforementioned seed brought about a number of notable companies, establishments and factories engaged in various individual industrial and commercial practices, yet all joined in working towards one target, which is offering products and services that fulfill all the needs of the fields of equipments, furnishings, office mechanization, information and communication services, training and education. Keeping in tune with the reliability we had gained from our experience over several decades, and springing from a long journey that is full of achievements, Jeraisy Group Company has persisted in abiding by an added value to all its products, services and projects, which is why it was no wonder the Company has won several international quality certifications, such is ISO, in addition to winning first place at the King Abdul Aziz Award for the Ideal Factory in 1419 AH and first place at the King Fahd Award for the Ideal Factory as the best company that practices safety measures and precautions in its factories. It is no coincidence, then, that Jeraisy Group Company has the satisfaction of a great number of clients at both general and private sectors, in addition to individuals.